Love Of My Life

It’s a long time ago since I’ve posted something here, so..

This is Declan Galbraith singing Love Of My Life.

In this video I think he is about 14 years old. Today he’s 16 and he lives in England. His voice has change a bit since this video was made though. But I still like listen to him and this was the first song I heard him sing so I really like it! His voice is so beautiful, I think ^^

Hope you enjoy it, and I hope you leave a comment 🙂


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Lennie and George..

You can tell that Lennie and George have known each other for a very long time when you see how well they know each other and how they work together. George know that Lennie is retarded and that he forget things quickly, so George have to make sure he doesen`t forget important things, like what Lennie have to do if they get in trouble. George make Lennie repeating the instructions he is given until he remember. When you read this, you understand they have been through it before and know how to look after each other. George know that he have to do the talking when they ask for a new job somewhere, and tells Lennie to be quiet. George know Lennie is a good worker and want people to see that before they understand he is dumb.

You can also tell that they`ve been friends for a while when George talks about Lennie’s aunt Clara, who is dead. George know that she would wanted him to look after Lennie, this means George knows Lennie and his family very well. So well that he says that if he were in Lennie’s family he would have shoot himself. George is very bored of Lennie, and sometimes talk about how much he could have done if he had been without Lennie. George know that Lennie wont survive without him, and stay with him even though he is tired.

Lennie and George also have a dream together, about having their own ranch, with a lot of animals, since Lennie love soft things with fur, and George knows that very well. I think that only very good friends can have a dream together, about living together. You also get to know that they`ve been on other ranches before, working together to get money, so they can make their dream come true some day.

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Some facts about John Steinbeck

1. John Steinbecks novel “The Grapes of Wrath”, considered by many to be his finest work, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1940.

2. John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902, in Salinas, California.

3. Three of John Steinbeck’s books who were made into Hollywood films:

Topoli (Of Mice and Men, Iran), Cannery Row, Of Mice and Men.

4. “Of Mice and Men” were written in 1937.

5. Steinbeck served as a war correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune during the Second World War.

6. In September of 1964, Steinbeck was awarded the United States Medal Of Freedom by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

7. John Steinbecks museum is called The National Steinbeck Center.

8. He was 66 years when he died.

9. The novel “The Moon is down”, is presumed to take place in Norway.10. Of Mice ad Men tells the story of two Anglo-American ranch workers, George Milton and Lennie Small, in California during the Great Depression.  George Milton is quite small, intelligent, and cynical, but caring he is friends with Lennie. He looks after Lennie and dreams of a better life.

Lennie is physically strong, but retarded he travels with George and dreams of having his own farm with rabbits. He can`t control his own strenght who results in a series of accidental killings when animals and eventually humans try to escape him.

At the ranch, Candy offers Lennie and George work so they can by the farm by the end of the month. But things change when Lennie accidentally kills Curley`s wife, the ranch owners`son.

Lennie and George hope one day to fulfill their shared dream of settling down on their own piece of land. George realize he is doomed to a life in loneliness and wants to spare Lennie a painful death when the violent Curley finds out. George shoots Lennie in the back of his head before the mob finds him.


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Caught in a Vicious Circle

The characters in this story:

Cordelia– I would like to describe Cordelia as a pure evil, selfish and horrible girl. I really, really don`t like girls like her. She is playing this little game of her. Everybody has to do as she says, as she were some kind of princess, and she is good at manipulating people, make them do as she says, make them want to be her friend even though she is so mean. She likes to control peoples life. It just make me sick.. She is a bad person.

Carol– She is kind of mean. But I guess she`s been manipulated by Cordelia, and she probably don`t have her own opinions, or maybe not even her own will. She don`t understand that what she is doing is wrong, or, maybe she just is cruel, like Cordelia..

Grace– I think she is just afraid of what Cordelia might do if she don`t do what she says. I don`t think Grace is a bad person, deep inside, just a coward. But how should I know, I don`t feel like I get to know her that well in the story..

Elaine– Interesting girl. First she is afraid of Cordelia, of what she might do to her if she don`t listen. So she do whatever Cordelia says. But she know that is wrong, and in the end, she finds out that Cordelia can`t hurt her, and that she never really had to listen to her, or do what she said. Elaine see how stupid she has been, and that she was a real coward, letting Cordelia control her life. So she finally walks away. I think that makes her a strong person, a brave person, a person who is admirable!

Elaine`s mother– She is nice, seems to take good care of Elaine. I think it was a good thing that she called Carol and Cordelia`s parents. Not more to say about her.

The theme of this story:

Maybe that even children can be so cruel and manipulating? The author is probably trying to tell us that we can`t let other people control us and tell us what to do by threatening us and such..

What I like and dislike about the story:

I like the end, because it was about time that someone finally was brave enough to just walk away from that bitch (Cordelia). Go Elaine!

I dislike.. uhm, I don`t know, really… Maybe that I didn`t get to know Grace so well, think she only was in the story at the beginning.

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Kingdom Hearts

Yay 😀  Kingdom hearts, the playstation game!

I`m not very good playing it,  but it`s really fun though 😉

This is the ending song, Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru.  

Think it`s a very nice song 🙂 

Enjoy, and please comment!

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Essay Question 2

Five admirable characters from Huckleberry Finn.

Huckleberry Finn: Is admirable because he is a very good boy, he is brave and smart. He helps a slave to escape, his friend Jim.

Jim: Is admirable because he is very kind and always have fate in people, even though they`re not telling the thetruth.

Mrs. Waton: Is admirable because she in th end let Jim be free and not a slave anymore.

Mrs. Douglas: Is admirable because she is a very kind and caring old lady.

Tom Sawyer: Is admirable because he is nice to Huck and one of his best friends.

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Huckleberry Finn, Short Answer:

The adventures of Huckleberry Finn was first published in 1884.

The adventures of Huckleberry Finn can best be described as a classic novel.

Huck Finn and Tom sawyer each received 6000 dollars when they found money that the robbers had hidden in the cave.

Huck`s Pap returns because he want`s Huck money.

When Jim first sees Huck Finn on the island, he thinks Huck is going to tell Miss Watson where he is.

Jim runs away from Miss Watson because she was going to sell him to a save-trader from New Orleans.

Huck escapes to Jackson Island ad discovers that he is not the only one running away, because he meets Jim.

Mark Twain’s approach to the issue of racism in Huckleberry Finn is that racism is wrong by writing how slaves was treated and how a young boy like Huck helps a slave because he don`t want Jim, the slave to be sold..

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